Flee from Sexual Immorality

June 11, 2017 Speaker: Brett Herren Series: Mere Christianity

Topic: Sexual Immorality Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:12–6:20

Questions for discussion in discipleship:

1.  How does the Bible explain that Sexual Immorality is NOT profitable?
2.  How would you answer, from the Bible, someone who states the following:  "I am a Christian by faith in Jesus, so whenever I sin, even the sin of sexual immorality, God will forgive me and so it is ok, I will still go to heaven" ?
3.  How is God's view of our bodies and of sexual intimacy much more glorious than the view commonly held in the world?
4.  What are you doing practically in your life to "pluck out your eye" when it comes to lust and sexual immorality?


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